Curriculum Offer

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Curriculum offer for regular students:

As other Master’s and Doctorate Degree Programs in Brazil, PPGEdu has sought to make the curriculum more flexible, strengthening the research and opening up to the most different interests and themes. It democratizes the approaches, research lines, and theoretical emphases around some basic purposes set out in the rules of the Program: to question the different educational processes, to deepen the theoretical discussion in the field, and to engage mainly with issues concerning public education.

Today, the Program offers seminars with goals including the most different intellectual and academic concerns – from the basic Marxist studies, research on teacher training and on learning and knowledge based on Piaget or Paulo Freire, to Foucauldian reflections on power and subjectivity in education, cultural studies, public policies, and debates about education for the popular classes. Emerging topics, such as those regarding gender issues, the education of people with special needs (e.g., deaf people or hospitalized children), the pedagogical discourse analysis, and the constitution of identities on contemporary culture, as well as the relationship of education with new technologies, have been included in recent years among the concerns of the professors of this Program.

The curriculum offer consists of:

  • SUBJECTS (04 credits) open to students from all research lines and for the areas considered basic and/or fields of knowledge more consolidated in the Program. They were instituted by Resolution of COMPÓS, approved in the Council and homologated by COMPÓS, with starting in August 1999, EDP77 – Atividades orientadas de docência em Ensino Superior [Advised activities of teaching in Higher Education], for master’s degree (01 credit) and doctorate degree (02 credits).
  • ADVANCED SEMINARS (EDP-52; EDP-53: 02, 03, and 04 credits), which deal with knowledge in the specific areas of the Research Lines and of the thematic specialties, rescuing the accumulated knowledge and, at the same time, putting it in line with current scientific advances.
  • SPECIAL SEMINARS (EDP-59: 01 to 03 credits), which deal with topics and problems special and particular to a certain field of knowledge, often involving research-related theoretical-methodological questions. In several opportunities, we rely on invited researchers to meet some special demand.
  • DIRECTED READINGS (EDP-56: 02 credits), dedicated to the detailed analysis of a work or author, or of a small set of works or authors, seeking the theoretical deepening at a given field of knowledge required for the development of projects of dissertation or thesis.
  • RESEARCH PRACTICES (EDP-54: 02 credits), dedicated to the empirical research, with a view to the construction of the research object of projects of dissertation or thesis, as well as to the study of methodologies of data collection and analysis in a field of study, or to the development of a pilot project linked to the projects of dissertation or thesis for the verification of their feasibility and/or data collection.

In addition to the offers in our Program, our students have been attending offers in other programs of the Institution of Higher Education (and even outside it), in cases of specific demands and with the agreement or guidance of the respective advisor.

The curriculum offer is semiannually defined within the Research Lines, considering, on the one hand, the training requirements (without solution of continuity) in the respective fields of knowledge and themes, and, on the other, the demand to be met in the fields of interest.

The current curriculum offer is published every semester in our website, in the page Curriculum Offer.

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