Stratigraphy Research Lines

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Sedimentary Basins’ Stratigraphy

Application of sequence stratigraphy and other stratigraphic analysis methods in the study of sedimentary basins in order to know their depositional and evolutionary histories.


Professors : Ana Maria Pimentel Mizusaki, Claiton Marlon of Santos Scherer, Karin Goldberg, Luiz Jose Tomazelli, Marcus Vinicius Dorneles Remus, Paulo Alves de Souza .

Petroleum Geology

Study of oil generation, migration and accumulation aspects, by geochemical, sedimentological, petrological, stratigraphic and geophysical approaches (this research line is developed in accord with ANP, Brazilian National Petroleum Agency).

Professors : Ana Maria Pimentel Mizusaki, Claiton Marlon dos Santos Scherer, João Carlos Coimbra, Luiz Fernando de Ros, Luiz Jose Tomazelli, Marcus Vinicius Dorneles Remus and Wolfgang Dieter Kalkreuth.


Sedimentary basins’ origins and evolution

Study of tectonic processes that are responsible for the genesis and evolution of different types of sedimentary basins.

Professors : Ana Maria Pimentel Mizusaki, Andrea Ritter Jelinek, Eduardo Guimarães Barboza, João Carlos Coimbra, Luiz Fernando De Ros and Marcus Vinícius Dorneles Remus.



  • Analysis of basins, petroleum geology, reservoirs geology, sedimentary geochronology, volcano – sedimentary models and environmental geochemistry ;
  • Facies’ architecture, sequence stratigraphy and seismic stratigraphy ;
  • Stratigraphic analysis and geological-stratigraphic characterization of hydrocarbon and coal bed methane (CBM) reservoirs ;
  • Biostratigraphy and paleoecology ;
  • Diagenesis of clastic sedimentary rocks, sandstone rocks origins, geology of petroleum reservoir – rocks, expert computer systems, on characterization and interpretation of sedimentary rocks ;
  • Sequence stratigraphy, diagenesis and quality prediction of reservoirs in clastic deposits ;