This Post Graduate Program (henceforth PGP) aims at the qualification of researchers, teachers and professors who are already academic scholars working or are aiming at a profession in to work at Higher Education Institutions. The majority of students who take part in the courses (around 90%) are High School teachers and/or Higher Education Professors who seek to improve their professional qualifications.

Therefore, this PGP provides formal education to professors to who want a degree (Master or PhD). work in Higher Education Institutions. It also provides formal education, to a lesser extent, to school teachers who seek to improve their skills and upgrade their knowledge in relation to their work developed in the schools where they teach. Besides, these professionals, the Program also provides teaching training to professionals who work both in Linguistic and Literary Studies. fields.

The Program count on the enrollment of professionals from other fields of knowledge, such as journalists, anthropologists, phonoaudiologists, psychologists and psychiatrists who develop their graduate studies in a post graduation level in this PGP seeking an expertise in the interdisciplinary practices that are carried out by the Program´s faculty. nature of the studies that a postgraduate program enables.

The structure of the Program was comprised of two levels, the Master’s and Doctorate studies, two ‘Areas of Concentration’, and twelve ‘Lines of Research’.
Master’s Program - Maximum duration: Two years
Doctoral Program (Ph.D) - Maximum duration: Four years

Course of study begins in the second semester of each academic year.

Should you require specific or further information, please contact the Program at .

Committee (2019-2021)
Antonio Marcos Vieira Sanseverino
Simone Sarmento

Carlos Leonardo Bonturim Antunes
Elaine Barros Indrusiak
Gabriel de Ávila Othero
Gerson Roberto Neumann
Ingrid Finger
Valdir do Nascimento Flores

Student representatives
Álvaro Rutkoski Didio
Júlia de Campos Lucena

Staff (
José Canísio Scher
Márcia Cristina Jacques

Translation: Michele Teixeira Passini.

Translation: Michele Teixeira Passini.

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