Música Impressa score series

The aim of the Música Impressa (Music in Print) score series, of the Graduate Program in Music at UFRGS, is to publish and promote works written by composers connected with UFRGS.

The first volume, Música Gaúcha para Violão (Guitar Music from Rio Grande do Sul, 2015), contains works recorded by Prof. Daniel Wolff in the CD Porto Allegro (released in the Music in Performance series), winner of the Açorianos Prize for Best Classical Album in 2013.


Música Gaúcha Para Violão

Daniel Wolff, editor

Works by Fernando Mattos, Daniel Wolff, Paulo Guedes, James Corrêa, Lourdes Saraiva, Lúcia Teixeira, Henry Wolff e Ricardo Mitidieri.

Porto Alegre: Editora Marca Visual, 2015 ISBN: 9788561965310
(Available at the Programa de Pós-Graduação em Música da UFRGS)