Estudos Musicais series

The ‘Estudos Musicais’ Series is a partnership between Editora da UFRGS (the university’s press) and UFRGS Graduate Program in Music. The purpose of the Series is to publish works related to several subjects of research and speculation in various areas of musical knowledge, encompassing technical, empirical, and historical studies. Intended for academic audiences, it aims to contribute to a discussion of current international production in Brazil through the translation of individual or collective works, together with the publication of national titles drawn from theses, research, selections from seminars and symposia.


Música popular na América Latina: pontos de escuta

Org. Martha Ulhôa e Ana Maria Ochoa
Porto Alegre: Editora da UFRGS, 2005 ISBN: 8570258259


Saberes musicais em uma bateria de escola de samba: uma etnografia entre os Bambas da Orgia

Luciana Prass
Porto Alegre: Editora da UFRGS, 2004 ISBN: 8570257309