International Agreements or Cooperation Protocols

Our program highlights partnerships as well as local and international institutional exchange programs. Several of these collaborations have produced a number of joint publications, as listed below, in the Scientific Production item. All activities carried out are also listed below.



1. NORTH-WEST UNIVERSITY (South Africa). Academic, scientific and cultural cooperation agreement. Coordinators: Prof. Silvia Helena Koller (UFRGS) and Prof. Michael Temane (NWU).

2. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT GREENSBORO (USA). Exchange Program Agreement for students, professors and employees, as well as academic material and joint research activities. Coordinators: Prof. Lia Freitas (UFRGS) and Prof. Jonathan Tudge (UNC).

3. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS (USA). Partnership for student research and Exchange programs. Coordinators: Prof. Silvia Koller (UFRGS) and Prof. Marcela Raffaelli (UIUC).

4. UNIVERSITAT DE GIRONA (UdG- Spain). Partnership to establish relations between the Research Institute on Children’s Rights (UdG) managed by prof. Ferrán Casas and the Research group on Community Psychology (GPPC-UFRGS), managed by Prof. Jorge Castellá Sarriera.

5. UNIVERSIDAD DE SEVILLA (Spain). Master in Family and Couples Therapy. Coordenadores: Dr. Miguel Garrido Fernandez (USA) and Adriana Wagner (UFRGS). Partnership to promote professors’ exchange programs.

6. Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE/IUL) (Portugal). It aims at the promotion and developmentof cultural and scientific exchange in social, business and technological areas.  Coordinators: Prof. Débora DellAglio (UFRGS) and Prof. Maria Manuela Calheiros (ISCTE).

7. UNIVERSIDADE NOVA DE LISBOA (Portugal). Partnership for international cooperation. Coordinators: Prof. Jerusa Fumagalli de Salles (UFRGS) and Profa. Ana Monção (UNL).

8. UNIVERSIDAD CATOLICA DE MONTEVIDEO (Uruguay). Public notice CAPES-MERCOSUL 003/2011 – Coordinators: Adriana Wagner (UFRGS) and Maria del Luján Tornaría González (UCU). Research promotion in diferente knowledge areas, as well as Exchange programs of PhD students, professor and researchers in Mercosul countries.

9. TUFTS UNIVERSITY (USA). Agreement for Exchange programs of students and professor, as well as academic material and joint research activities. Coordinators: Prof. Rosa Maria M. de Almeida (UFRGS) and Prof. Klaus A. Miczek (TU).

10. UNIVERSIDADE DE GRANADA: Public notice CAPES-DGU, coordinated by the Psychiatry Post-graduation Program of UFRJ and its partners, Biomedical Science Post-graduation Program of UFF and the Psychology Post-graduation Program of UFRGS. The agreement was renewed in and it promotes interuniversity exchange doctorate programs and professors’ visits.