Rosa Maria M. de Almeida

Associate Professor of Psychology
Laboratory of Experimental Psychology, Neuroscience and Behavior (LPNeC)

  • Behavior, cognition and emotion: neurobiological aspects.
  • Drug abuse, aggression and violence.
  • Neuropsychology and assessment of executive and emotional functions in different populations.

Denise R. Bandeira

Professor of Psychology
Group of Study, Practice and Research in Psychological Assessment (GEAPAP)

  • Development and validation of psychological assessment instruments for children.
  • Assessment of psychological and psychosocial variables throughout development.

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Lisiane Bizarro

Professor of Psychology
Laboratory of Experimental Psychology, Neuroscience and Behavior (LPNeC)

  • Psychological and behavioral factors in obesity.
  • Implicit cognition in addictions and obesity.
  • Translational research in attention.

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Cleonice A. Bosa

Professor of Psychology
Research Center of Developmental Disorders (NIEPED)

  • Family impact of developmental disorders.
  • Autism and inclusion.
  • Autism and social interaction.

Thiago Gomes de Castro

Associate Professor of Psychology
Laboratory of Experimental Phenomenology and Cognition (LaFEC)

  • Body perception and action: research models.
  • Experimental evaluation of consciousness/awareness, body schema and body image.
  • Phenomenology and Psychology: research methods.

Ana Cristina Garcia Dias

Associate Professor of Psychology
Center for Cognitive-Behavioral Research and Interventions (NUPICC)

  • Applications of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Educational or Health Contexts.
  • Risk and protective factors in adolescent and young adult development.

Lia Beatriz de Lucca Freitas

Professor of Psychology
Laboratory of Psychology and Genetic Epistemology (LAPEGE)

  • Child’s values and moral feelings.
  • Family educational practices.

Giana Bitencourt Frizzo

Associate Professor of Psychology
Center for Research and Intervention in Families with Infants, Babies and​ Children (NUFABE)

  • Parent-infant psychotherapy.
  • Assessment of infants and young children.
  • Families with babies: father-mother-infant initial relationships and conjugality.
  • Babies, families and new technologies.
  • Adoption.

Gustavo Gauer

Associate Professor of Psychology
Biosignals in Phenomenology and Cognition Lab (BiosPhec)

  • Consciousness and memory: electrophysiological and phenomenological correlates of cognitive models of episodic and autobiographical memory.
  • Electrophysiological and phenomenological correlates of implicit processing, decision making, and morality.
  • Theoretical models and technological innovation in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapies for anxiety and trauma disorders.

Claudia Hofheinz Giacomoni

Associate Professor of Psychology
Center for Study on Positive Psychology (NEPP)

  • Positive Psychology.
  • Psychological Assessment: Construction, Adaptation, Validation and Standardization of Instruments.
  • Child and Adolescent Development: Health Aspects.

Claudio S. Hutz

Professor of Psychology
Laboratório de Mensuração

  • Social and Personality Development.
  • Psychological assessment with emphasis on Personality.
  • Positive Psychology.

Rita Sobreira Lopes

Professor of Psychology
Núcleo de Infância e Família (NUDIF)

  • Gestation, delivery and postpartum.
  • Transition to parenting.
  • Development of the baby and the family.

Angela Helena Marin

Associate Professor of Psychology
Núcleo de Estudos sobre Famílias e Instituições Educacionais e Sociais – NEFIES

  • Study of the relationship between family and educational institutions and protection and assistance to children and adolescents and their clinical manifestations.
  • Research, development and assessment of preventive and clinical intervention programs, with a systemic approach.

Cesar A. Piccinini

Professor of Psychology
Child and Family Unit (NUDIF)

  • Family relationships in childhood.
  • Child development in different contexts.
  • Assessment of early interventions.

Adolfo Pizzinato

Associate Professor of Psychology
Núcleo de Estudos e Intervenção Psicossocial à Diversidade (NEPsiD)

  • Ethnic-racial and sex/gender diversity.
  • Social Policy Assessment: Impacts, resources and contextual stressors.
  • Community Social Psychology.

Eduardo Remor

Associate Professor of Psychology
Health Psychology Research Group (GPPS)

  • Health psychology.
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of psychoeducational interventions and psychoeducational programs in health.
  • Study of psychosocial predictors associated with health-disease process.

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Jerusa F. Salles

Associate Professor of Psychology e
Cognitive Neuropsychology Research Center (NEUROCOG)

  • Construction and adaptation of neuropsychological assessment instruments.
  • Developmental neuropsychology: processes, disorders and assessment.
  • Neuropsychology of Learning Disorders (dyslexias, dysgraphias, dyscalculias).
  • Neuropsychological consequences in neurological conditions (stroke).

Jorge Castellá Sarriera

Associate Professor of Psychology
Community Psychology Research Group (GPPC)

  • Community Psychology and Psychosocial Interventions.
  • Free Time and Well-being.
  • Work insertion and Quality of Life in Adolescence.

Letícia Sanguinetti Czepielewski

Professor of Psychology
Cognition and Psychopathology Lab

  • Cognitive processes in severe mental disorders
  • Trajectories of cognitive functioning in bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
  • Interaction between cognition and biological markers

Lívia Maria Bedin
Community Psychology Research Group (GPPC)

  • Psychosocial Well-being: Indicators and Intervention
  • Well-being assessment in different contexts.

Luciana Karine de Souza

Associate Professor of Psychology
Et Alia: Laboratório de Desenvolvimento Humano e Relações Interpessoais

  • Interpersonal relationships in the life cycle.
  • Moral, ethical and pro-social development in educational and health contexts.
  • Health and quality of life in the life cycle.

Marco A. Teixeira

Associate Professor of Psychology
Núcleo de Estudos e Intervenções em Carreira (NEIC)

  • Career development and career counseling in different contexts.
  • Psychological development and adaptation to higher education in university students.
  • Construction and adaptation of psychological assessment instruments.

Clarissa M. Trentini

Associate Professor of Psychology
Center for  Studies in Psychological and Psychopathological Assessment (NEAPP)

  • Quality of life in the elderly.
  • Psychological assessment and its applications.

Adriana Wagner

Associate Professor of Psychology
Research Group of Family Studies

  • Conjugality: expectations, satisfaction and diversity.
  • Family and the Task of Educating: challenges and reflections on diversity.
  • Evolutionary phases of the Family in the face of Modern Demands.

Cristian Zanon

Associate Professor of Psychology
Núcleo de Psicometria

  • Positive Psychology: Assessment and Intervention.
  • Social Emotional Skills: Development and Assessment in Adolescence and Adulthood.
  • Psychometrics: Construction and Adaptation of Tests.

Collaborating Professors

Débora D. Dell´Aglio
Center for Study and Research in Adolescence (NEPA)

  • Social development and adolescence.
  • Development in situations of social and personal risk.
  • Community psychology: institutions and social projects.

Jonathan Tudge
Laboratory of Psychology and Genetic Epistemology (LAPEGE)

William B. Gomes

Professor of Psychology
Laboratory of Experimental Phenomenology and Cognition (LaFEC)

  • Phenomenology and Psychology of Communication.
  • Epistemology and History of Psychology.

Former Program Teachers

Ângela Maria Brasil Biaggio
Maria Alice de Mattos Parente
Sílvia Helena Koller
Tânia Mara Sperb