1. After completing the dissertation/thesis corrections, the student should send it to the advisor for review and approval of the text;
2. After approval by the advisor, the student should print the following
documents and get the signature:
Statement by the advisor of the final version of the dissertation; one way OR Statement by the advisor of the final version of the Thesis; one way.
3. The student must print and complete:
Copy Request. Two ways, without dating
The request for copies must be signed by the Secretary and then by PROPG
and taken to the press, along with a dissertation/thesis file in PDF version forprinting. There is no deadline for referral to the printing company. Proof of the digital version of the dissertation. One way by name only, without dating OR Proof of digital version of Thesis. One way, with name only, without dating

Thesis/Dissertation Authorization Term. Two ways

The advisor’s signature is only required if the dissertation / thesis is subject to patent registration (item 4 of the form).

4. The student must submit the above documents to the Secretariat together
with one dissertation/thesis CD already included the catalog form, in a single file (without separate attachments);

5. Catalog Form: To complete and generate the catalog form of the dissertation /thesis, the student must access the Central Library/UFRGS website and follow the guidelines in http://www.ufrgs.br/bibliotecas/ferramentas-de-

6. The Central Library and the Graphic Company suggest that the dissertations and theses printed in the Graphic Company through the UFRGS Copying Program be made two-sided. To do this, simply request this type of printing.

7. After approval by the PROPUR Secretariat, the diploma must be requested via the Student Portal.
PROPG issues the diploma and forwards it for signature by the Unit Director and the acting Rector.
The student must withdraw the diploma in PROPG (7 th floor of the Rectory, Diplomas Sector).
(Updated on 3/23/2017)