The curriculum of PROPUR Masters and Doctorate courses consists of
required and elective.

The disciplines offered by PROPUR are intended: to provide the foundations of their Concentration Areas; to provide support to their fields of research from a theoretical, methodological and instrumental point of view; and to provide the exercise of critical capacity, indispensable for the development and elaboration of dissertations and theses. Except for specific Doctoral subjects, the Program offers a unique and integrated grid for the 2 levels, allowing for some flexibility in the composition of the student curriculum. The subjects are taught every six months.

The curriculum includes the following required subjects:
URB 00025 – Dissertation Seminar (30 hours per class – 2 credits);
URB 00050 – Thesis Seminar (30 hours per class – 2 credits);
URB 00091 – Epistemological Foundations of Research (PhD students only – 60 hours per class – 4 credits);
URB 00092 – Research Methodological Fundamentals (only for master’s
students – 60 hours per class – 4 credits).

For scholarship holders, it is mandatory to perform a Teaching Internship. The grid offers two elective courses associated with the common core, called Atelier and Topics, which eventually add the participation of guests and visitors.

Each credit unit corresponds to 15 class hours. The attribution of credits for other activities compatible with the characteristics of the knowledge area is evaluated by the Graduate Commission (Comissão de Pós-graduação – CPG).

No credits are given to dissertation or thesis preparation activities. Students enrolled for the Doctorate who have obtained the title of Master may have up to 24 validated credits upon request to the CPG. Students who have taken
courses taught in other postgraduate courses at the same level may apply for credits (also subject to CPG examination and deliberation).