The Program currently comprises five Research Fields, corresponding to the
lines of work currently developed by its researchers. The research fields City, Culture, Politics, Planning and Urban and Regional Space are linked to the Concentration Area URBAN AND REGIONAL PLANNING AND SOCIAL PROCESSES, while the fields Urban Configurational Systems, Perception and Analysis of Urban Space, Infrastructure, and Urban and Environmental Planning belong to the Concentration Area DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS IN URBAN PLANNING AND DESIGN.

City, Culture and Politics

This field of research contemplates social practices, public policies and collective representations, expressed in discourses and images that are historically constituted about the spaces and experiences that are marked by the city.

Members: Celia Ferraz de Souza, Daniela Marzola Fialho, Eber Pires Marzulo, Maria Soares de Almeida, Paulo Edison Belo Reyes, Inês Martina Lersch, César Bastos Mattos Vieira, Daniele Caron, Marc Allan Weiss and Tarson Núñez.

Urban and Regional Planning and Space

In the research field, the spatial distribution of activities is considered as
determined by social processes interacting with the physical environment,
establishing a composition of relationships in which the main traits are of the socio-economic type related to differences in income appropriation, natural and built resources and technologies; political-organizational type; and by locational physical variables. These processes determine a continuum of situations, stimuli, conflicts, conditioning, and regulations, demanding a historical view for their analysis. The research analyzes these socio-spatial processes having as their object cases of regional and urban inequalities, and urban and regional planning practices, through empirical analyzes, as well as critical and purposeful analyzes on theoretical approaches to urban and regional socio-spatial issues.
Members: Aldomar Arnaldo Ruckert, Heleniza Ávila Campos, Livia Teresinha Salomao Piccinini, Luciana Inês Gomes Miron and Clarice Misoczky de Oliveira.

Urban Configurational Systems

This field of research focuses on the study of urban morphology, seeking to
describe configurational states and processes and their relationships with the corresponding social dynamics. It covers projects aimed at the conception and construction of simulation models and spatial dynamics, advanced spatial analysis and development of urban performance measures.
Members: Clarice Maraschin, Romulo Celso Krafta, Fábio Lucio Lopes Zampieri and Décio Rigatti

Perception and Analysis of Urban Space
It investigates the relationships between users and the built environment,
involving the processes of environmental perception and cognition as
instruments in the planning and construction of urban space. The effect of
defining physical and spatial characteristics of aesthetics and urban quality,
levels of territoriality, safety, readability and accessibility on the attitudes andbehaviors of individuals is analyzed. It develops empirical analysis and
performance appraisals through post-occupational appraisal and spatial
description and analysis methods.
Member: Antônio Tarcísio da Luz Reis

Infrastructure and Urban and Environmental Planning
This field of research develops analysis of urban infrastructure relating it to
other aspects of urban issues, especially environmental issues, in order to
support the formulation of intervention proposals.
Members: André Luiz Lopes da Silveira, Carlos André Bulhões Mendes and Júlio Celso Borello Vargas.