Incoming students can also take internships. The internship is a supervised activity, related to the area of study of the intern, which integrates his academic path. At UFRGS, there are two modalities of internship: compulsory (part of the curriculum) and non-compulsory (professional).

The compulsory internship is mandatory for degree-seeking students (and optional for exchange students). The credits are part of the regular curriculum.

The professional internship is an optional activity and is not part of the course curriculum, but can be added to the regular course load as additional credits (créditos complementares). It is held in a company affiliated with UFRGS. The Internship Sector at the Dean of Undergraduate Studies (Pró-Reitoria de Graduação – PROGRAD) manages the process.

For compulsory internship (part of the curriculum)
Contact RELINTER’s incoming mobility team:

For non-compulsory internship (professional)
Contact the PROGRAD’s Internship Sector: