About Relinter

Relinter (Secretaria de Relações Internacionais – International Relations Office) makes part of UFRGS Central Administration. The office is responsible for promoting and managing international cooperation among UFRGS and other institutions and countries. It was established in 1993 as the Department for Institutional and International Relations of the Provost’s Office and became Relinter in 2000. At the end of the 19th century, the isolated higher education units in Rio Grande do Sul already had international and institutional cooperation, however, it was only during the 20th century that UFRGS international relations had a remarkable increase, pinpointing the milestones of the globalization process.

Main objectives of Relinter

  • Promote international academic exchange of undergraduate students;
  • Advise and keep UFRGS students informed about international scholarships, courses and exchange programs;
  • Publish in the site relevant news for undergraduate students (exchange opportunities, events) and procedures for international applications;
  • Help international students who want to study at UFRGS;
  • Provide legal information for regularization of international students in Brazil;
  • Help international students in arrival, housing, regularization and adaptation in Porto Alegre;
  • Promote the International Students Meeting (one for semester);
  • Provide professors and scholars with orientation about associations, exchange programs and scholarship opportunities at UFRGS and other institutions;
  • Contribute for the progress of protocols and agreements among UFRGS and international higher education institutions, promoting academic mobility;
  • Receive representatives from several public and private institutions, aiming to establish cooperation with UFRGS Units;
  • Represent UFRGS to international universities and institutions.