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SEDETEC promotes the interaction between the University and the society encouraging and supporting the activities of technological development and innovation. SEDETEC is articulated in the following areas:
Intellectual property;
Technology transfer, involving the interaction of the University with Companies and Public Institutions;
Protocols and Agreements, Research and Technological Development;
Innovative Entrepreneurship;
Grants Management.



Promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable technological development, facilitating relations and cooperation between universities, society and government.


  • We continually seek efficiency and agility
  • We simplify procedures and processes
  • We work to help those we serve
  • We value the interaction between partners
  • We give autonomy to our people for decision making
  • We encourage initiative and creativity
  • We invest time in team development
  • We hold our people responsible for results
  • We value people and their skills

Partners and Supporters





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Office of Technological Development
Prof. José Luis Duarte Ribeiro
e-mail: sedetec@ufrgs.br.

〉 Setor Administrativo e Financeiro
ElmoMüller - Financial
Phone: 51 3308 3711
e-mail: eap@ufrgs.br

Entrepreneurship Program

e-mail: empreendedor@ufrgs.br
Ana Beatriz Michels
Phone: 51 3308 4231
e-mail: ana.michels@ufrgs.br

José Ignacio Ribeiro de Souza Martins - Undergraduate Engineer
Ana Paula Kloeckner - Eng.D. Production Engineer
Diego Souza Silva - MEng. Production Engineer


Vinicio Gil Athaydes
Phone: 51 3308 4239
e-mail: vinicio@ufrgs.br

Lia Dullius - Undergraduate Designer

〉 Bolsas IT e FINOVA
e-mail: bolsasit@ufrgs.br
email: finova@ufrgs.br

Alice Neubert Gonçalves
Phone: 51 3308 3713
Maria Inês Nardi
e-mail: ines.nardi@ufrgs.br
Phone: 51 3308 3708
Intellectual property
email: propriedadeintelectual@ufrgs.br
Sabrina Pojo
Phone: 51 3308 4232
e-mail: sabrina.pojo@ufrgs.br

Felipe Grando Brandão

Phone: 51 3308 3705
e-mail: felipe.brandao@ufrgs.br

Cristiano Rimoli
Phone: 51 3308 4232

Academic Interaction - Legal
Adriano Rossi
Phone: 51 3308 4230
e-mail: adriano.rossi@ufrgs.br

Patricia Ziomkowski
Phone: 51 3308 4425

Projects and University-Industry Interaction
Ana Paula Matei
Phone: 51 3308 4234
e-mail: ana.matei@ufrgs.br

Jaime Roberto Pohlmann
Prospective Technological Studies Phone: 51 3308 4236
email: demanda.tecnologica@ufrgs.br

Álisson Rodrigues Martins - Undergraduate International Relations
Bruno Wolff Fraga - Undergraduate Engineer
Fernanda Klein - Undergraduate Biomedicine


51 3308 3800


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Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS

Technological Development Office - SEDETEC

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