Clinical and Laboratorial Toxicology may be comprehended as a narrow interface between diagnostic and prognostic methods to detect intoxications and/or exposures and the appearence of functional alterations as well as all the potential toxicological processes in different fields of Toxicology. The close relationship between the fields of knowledge in Toxicology allows the advances in this science and safety evaluations in biological systems. Although the technological advances have been recognized to increase the risk of exposures and toxicological effects, new tools have been created whose applications enable the detection of early damage signs and the establishment of new paradigms in risk and toxicological evaluations. Therefore, with the objective to widespread, discuss and deepen the knowledge in Toxicology, you are invited to take part in the 1st Latin-American Congress of Clinical and Laboratorial Toxicology (TOXI-LATIN 2014) that will address relevant issues for human health such as: early biomarkers in the diagnosis and prognosis of intoxications, antidote policies, safety evaluation of nanomaterials, environmental pollutants, genotoxicity, imunotoxicity, ecotoxicity, among others. For that, this event will bring together top researchers and numerous editors of scientific journals e.g. Toxicological Sciences, Mutation Research, Marine Environmental Research, Toxicology and Neurotoxicology to contribute in the discussions, exchange experiences and consolidate the technological development for the advances of Toxicology and promotion of health, with the purpose to stimulate a wide participation of the technical and scientific community of undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctors and professionals from the healthcare area. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Solange Cristina Garcia
President Toxi-Latin2014

Dulcinéia Saes Parra Abdalla
President of Honor Toxi-Latin2014