Accepted papers

Exploring NK Fitness Landscapes Using an Imitative Learning Search
Jose Fontanari
Artificial Prediction Markets for Online Prediction of Continuous Variables
Fatemeh Jahedpari, Marina De Vos, Sattar Hashemi, Benjamin Hirsch and Julian Padget
A Multi-agent Auction-based Approach for Modeling of Signalized Intersections
Mehdi Mashayekhi and George List
Multi-Objective Reinforcement Learning through Reward Weighing
Felipe Leno Da Silva and Anna Helena Reali Costa
Defining a Continuous Marketplace for the Trading and Distribution of Energy in the Smart Grid
Jesus Cerquides, Gauthier Picard and Juan Antonio Rodriguez Aguilar
Identifying Central Points in Road Networks Using Betweenness Centrality
Decentralized allocation of tasks with costs changing over time
James Parker, Alessandro Farinelli and Maria Gini