Administrative Staff

Vanessa Muller is a 7th semester student of Veterinary Medicine at UFRGS. She has always been interested in great events like UFRGSMUN and, having previous experience in organizing them, she decided to participate in UFRGSMUN in the end of 2010. This is her first year in the administrative staff as a Director of Planning.

Airton Gregório Martins, Director of UFRGSMUN Back in School, is a 5th semester student of International Relations at UFRGS. He first became involved in MUNs in 2008, while he still studied Drama at UFRGS, representing Turkey at SocHum. Since been initiated, Airton has modelled at UFRGSMUN 7, 13th AMUN and TEMAS 7, from EcoSoc to the Security Council. This year he directs UFRGSMUN BIS, when the staff of UFRGSMUN goes back to high school to teach some modelling and to shed some light on the UN system for students of public schools. As part of the efforts of Back In School, Airton has also helped organize the first, real MUN for high school students of Rio Grande do Sul—MUNDO CMPA, at Colégio Militar de Porto Alegre. Besides being the Director of UFRGSMUN BIS, he is also going to be photographing the event in November and before that Airton is coming up with teaser videos of UFRGSMUN.

Raoni Fonseca Duarte, Director of Public Relations and also Assistant Director of the Human Rights Council, is a 7th semester student of  International Relations at UFRGS. His first experience in Models was in 2008 at UFRGSMUN and it was enough to increase his interest in MUNs and to continue modelling. Since then, he has participated in more six MUNs as a delegate—once again in UFRGSMUN (2009), three times in AMUN (2009, 2010 and 2011), once in NMUN Europe (2010) and in TEMAS 7 (2011). This is the second time that Mr. Duarte is a member of UFRGSMUN’s staff—last year he was Assistant Director of the Board of the North Atlantic Council. However, due to the fact he was studying in Portugal, he could not be present during the conference. Academically, Mr. Duarte has great interest in diplomacy, energy security, international security and international politics.

Rômulo Barizon Pitt, UFRGSMUN’s Webmaster, is an 8th semester student of International Relations at UFRGS. His main areas of interest are regional institutions and international relations of the Asia-Pacific. His first experience with MUNs was in 2010, when he represented North Korea at the Security Council in AMUN. Later that same year, he participated as the Chinese Head Delegate in UFRGSMUN, also at the Security Council. This year besides being the event’s Webmaster, he will be helping academically as Assistant Director of the ASEAN Regional Forumm.

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