Back in School

Perhaps one of UFRGSMUN’s dearest branches ever spread, UFRGSMUN BACK IN SCHOOL has been developing since 2007, and truly shows the effectiveness of modelling as a learning technique. Its execution is only possible due to the commitment of our staff members, who carry out activities in public schools of Porto Alegre, bringing the Model UN world into public high school students’ lives.

As a result of its commitment to society, UFRGSMUN’s staff has developed a program to bring the UN principles to High School students, showing them how global issues relate to their lives. UFRGSMUN BACK IN SCHOOL combines classroom activities with UN simulation, giving students an opportunity to acquire knowledge while learning from each other.

It is structured in two encounters: the first, a comprehensive lecture on the United Nations—how it was developed, what it is and how it works—and on a relevant topic of the international agenda. That is also the day in which the staff members explain the Model UN rules, give out study material to all students and assign them a Country to be represented. Given time for the students to gather more material and discuss the approach they will take, which varies between one or two weeks, the staff members once again go to the school and then moderate the debate on the topic introduced in the first encounter.

The whole process is fascinating, and promotes a paradigm-shifting environment for both the high school students and staff members. The massive amount of students does incredibly well, enjoys the debate, and shows us that there is an enormous power in active participation in the learning process. This is UFRGSMUN understanding our society, building respect for differences and gathering the strength and courage to change what needs to be changed.

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