Social Events

UFRGSMUN Happy Hour: after the opening cerimony, you are all invited to celebrate the start of our 11th edition at Cult Bar.

UFRGSMUN Dinner and Talent Show: your delegation should prepare a short presentation of any hidden talents you may have. This will guarantee you points for best delegation awards. Both the dinner and the talent show will take place at Grogan Pub. There is no entry fee.

UFRGSMUN Costume Party (Open Bar): As usual, we will hold a costume party. Tickets for the party will be sold during the event for R$35,00.

UFRGSMUN Soccer Cup: you can arrange with other delegations to form your teams. Depending on the number of players, the teams might be composed of boys and girls. Don’t forget to bring your sports gear in order to play. On the same day, we will be hosting a gaucho style barbecue. The tickets for the barbecue will be sold at the front desk for R$ 15,00 (open bar and open food).

UFRGSMUN Farewell Party: Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye on November 3rd, but we will do it by celebrating. You are all invited to come.