How to Register

Registering for UFRGSMUN 2013 is really easy. You just have to follow a few steps.


Step 1: Putting together a delegation and selecting a head delegate

The first thing to do when putting together a delegation would be to find other people that wish to take part in the other committees. Next, you should select one or more countries from the Country/Committee Matrix that have representatives in all the committees that you and your friends want to participate in. Delegations may range from 1 (one) up to 20 (twenty) delegates. Then, you should select a head delegate among the members from your delegation. That person will be responsible for filling out registration forms, making payments, and staying in direct contact with UFRGSMUN staff.

If you wish to represent a specific country, then you should invite enough people to complete the delegation of this country, settling amongst yourselves who will be in which committee. But remember that it is not certain that your first choice of country will be designated to you. The number of delegates and the countries that you wish to represent must be informed in Form A, which will be online from August 17th on.

NOTE: if you do not take part in a delegation and wish to be fitted in an existing one, specific guidance will be provided to you in Form A.


Step 2: Filling in Form A

Once your delegations has decided which countries it would like to represent, the head delegate must proceed to filling in Form A. During such procedure, the head delegate will have to inform 12 (twelve) countries or combinations of countries that would please the delegation the most. This is to facilitate the staff’s work in allocating preferences. Throughout this process, it is important to remember that the number of delegates must be equivalent to the number of spots demanded upon registration.

Once your delegation—represented by the Head Delegate—has submitted this form, he or she will receive an e-mail from the staff indicating exact payment procedures.


Step 3: Payment

A fee per person of R$ 150.00 in full amount or R$ 160.00 divided in two installments applies in order to participate in the conference. Head delegates will have the chance to choose in the registration form whether their delegations will pay their corresponding delegate fees in two installments or in full amount. The payment method chosen necessarily applies to all members of your delegation.

Total fees per delegate for regular registration:

Full amount: R$ 150.00

Payment deadline: September 23rd 24th

Two installments: R$ 160.00

First payment deadline: September 23rd 24th

Fee: R$ 80.00

Second payment deadline: October 11th

Fee: R$ 80.00

When the full amount or the first installment of the payment is received by the Staff, the Head Delegate will receive a confirmation e-mail. Another confirmation e-mail will be sent once the second installment is paid.

NOTE: delegations registering after the regular registration period will have to pay higher fees in order to participate in UFRGSMUN.


Step 4: Filling in Form B

Between the 27th and 29th of September, Head Delegates will receive another e-mail indicating the country assigned to the delegation. Once your country has been designated, the Head Delegate will just have to wait for the Form B (available from September 30th).


ILC only:

Delegates who want to participate in the International Law Commission have to fill a specific form for registering. Positions will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.


If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us at