Preparation Course

One of the many differentials of UFRGSMUN as a Model UN is its academic excellence. In order to promote that culture among students and scholars—who may be MUNers, future MUNers or those who merely take interest in subjects relevant to the international agenda—UFRGSMUN promotes a course on Saturdays during most part of the first semester of the year at the University.

The true twist is, however, that, after five days of introductory lectures on the foundational themes of international studies, the students get to get truly acquainted with rules of procedure, study guides’ peculiar language and diplomacy skills of different sorts of committees simulated in UFRGSMUN through actual simulations. During these encounters, the Directors, Assistants and the Secretariat of UFRGSMUN moderate and act as special delegates to show the future delegates and/or enthusiasts how an actual MUN works.

For sure, it creates an environment that helps us maintain the high standards of better prepared delegates that promote a great flow to the debates during UFRGSMUN and other MUNs throughout Brazil, as well as brings to the table at the University as a whole the possibility to discuss and think International Relations, especially the UN System and International Law.

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