It is a known fact that MUNs are one of the most effective ways to learn. They not only teach us international relations or international law, but also how to convince and negotiate, how to speak in public and other skills so necessary to any professional—UFRGSMUN has had participants from various courses, ranging from Physics and Environmental Engineering through Law, History, Social Sciences, and, of course, International Relations. Understanding how the world works and how people work are an undeniable necessity, so important that is valued as key in applications to all the best universities in the world.

In spite of our great tradition of modelling among university students, southern Brazil lacked a fundamental tool for our Model UN tradition to be completed: High School MUNs. In 2011, however, a shift began, and UFRGSMUN broke ground in helping the promotion of the first High School MUN in southern Brazil, MUNDO CMPA, at Colégio Militar de Porto Alegre (Military School of Porto Alegre).

In addition to that, this year the second edition of UFRGS Mundi, one of the first high school MUNs open for all such institutions in Southern Brazil, will be held in Porto Alegre, with UFRGSMUN’s support.