Isadora Loreto da Silveira, Secretary-General, is a 7th semester student of International Relations at UFRGS. She first took part in a MUN in 2009, when she represented Turkey in the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, in UFRGSMUN. The following year, she became an Assistant Director in the United Nations Security Council in UFRGSMUN and in 2011 she worked as Director in that same committee. In 2012 she had the privilege of directing the 2012 World Summit on UN Reform and of being appointed Secretary-General of UFRGSMUN’s 11th edition.



João Gabriel Burmann da Costa, Under-Secretary-General for Administrative Affairs, is a 5th semester student of International Relations at UFRGS. He first became involved in MUNs in 2011, representing India at the World Bank in UFRGSMUN. In 2012, he participated in UFRGSMUN as a member of the administrative staff, and in UFRGS Mundi as Under-Secretary for Administrative Affairs.



Fernanda Graeff Machry, Under-Secretary-General for Academic Affairs and Director, is a 5th year student at UFRGS Law School. She first took part in a MUN in 2009, as a Judge in the International Court of Justice of UFRGSMUN, and found it so interesting that she participated again in 2010 and 2011. In 2012, during an exchange programme in the Netherlands, she represented the Prosecutor in the International Criminal Court of EuroMUN, in Maastricht. Furthermore, she participated in the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, which simulates proceedings before the ICJ, as an Agent. Last year, she was a Director of UFRGSMUN’s International Law Commission and, this year, she shall have the pleasure of acting as a director once again.



João Arthur da Silva Reis, Under-Secretary-General for Academic Affairs and Director, is a 6th semester student of International Relations at UFRGS. He first participated in MUNs in 2011 when he represented South Korea at the World Trade Organization in AMUN. Such occasion consolidated his great interest in MUNs, which had started in UFRGSMUN’s Preparation Course. That is the reason why he has participated in every MUN he could since then. He has also been involved in UFRGSMUN Back in School and UFRGS Mundi. Last year, he began his participation is UFRGSMUN’s staff, as an Assistant Director in ARF. This year, besides taking part in the Secretariat, he shall have the privilege of acting as a director.


Walter Lorenzo Zilio Motta de Souza, Under-Secretary-General for Academic Affairs, is a 4th year student of Environmental Engineering at UFRGS. He became part of UFRGSMUN in 2008, pushed by his interest in international politics. In 2008 and 2009, he was involved with the administrative staff; and since 2010 he has been performing academic tasks, taking part of UNDP, SPECPOL and UNEP. In the current UFRGSMUN edition he shall bring a broad vision to academic issues.