Porto Alegre

Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul—the southernmost Brazilian state—, is amongst the cities with the highest Human Development Indicators in Brazil. The city is one of top cultural, political and economic centres of the country. It became known worldwide for hosting the World Social Forum—an event that gathers third sector organizations and delegates from hundreds of countries—from 2001 to 2003, 2005 and 2010 and also for its two world champion soccer teams—Grêmio and Internacional.

The high life quality of Porto Alegre is strongly in evidence for the ones who come to visit it. Along the sidewalks there are around 1 million planted trees, not to mention the vegetation of its 11 parks, the many squares and biological reserves that make the air always pleasant for its approximately 1.4 million inhabitants.

Gathering the intense rhythm of a metropolis with the serene habits of a small town, Porto Alegre is a multicultural city that offers a wide range of cultural options, besides its well-known gastronomic and shopping routes. The main immigrants that came to the city in the past were German, Italian and Polish, besides Portuguese, African and Spanish ones. Their cultures, having mixed with the natives, have built an exquisite combination, which amazes tourists, both of gastronomically and culturally.

As far as the Mercosur is concerned, Porto Alegre is located midway between Brazil’s main business centres—as the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo—and the capitals of other member countries, such as Buenos Aires and Montevideo. Due to such a privileged position, the city became the main route for international business in Mercosur (the States-parties to the Montevidéo Treaty are Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela).

Some of Porto Alegre’s greatest attractions are the “Historical Downtown”, which houses the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Piratini Palace and the São Pedro Theatre; and the famous sunset by the Guaíba lake shore, the most romantic postcard of the capital. Furthermore, delegates at UFRGSMUN will be able to enjoy the moment of cultural turbulence brought by the traditional Book Fair of Porto Alegre, the largest open-air book fair in the American continent, the 59th edition of which is expected to bring over 2 million visitors to the city in November.

For all that, Porto Alegre is a city to visit, to live in, to admire and to love. We hope you, UFRGSMUNers, feel very welcome in our city and enjoy the very best of it.


Edge of the docks of Porto Alegre

picture taken by Ricardo André Frantz