Curso Sapientia

Curso Sapientia


Curso Sapientia was created in 2012 to provide a quality preparation to the CACD* candidates. Composed by an experienced team, including qualified teachers and experts in various academic and professional areas, Curso Sapientia offers courses with fair costs, administrative organization, and methodology dedicated exclusively to the CACD.

The classes and courses are broadcasted on Curso Sapientia’s online portal and students can access them from anywhere in Brazil or in the world! Curso Sapientia’s professional team keeps up with the students during their activities and takes their opinions into consideration, thus improving our resources and offering an individual and efficient service.

Curso Sapientia also develops several parallel projects in order to complement the studies of the candidates and to entertain those interested in diplomatic affairs, such as Revista Sapientia and TV Sapientia.

Become our student and learn why Curso Sapientia is the best option for your CACD preparation!

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* Concurso de Admissão à Carreira Diplomática.