Invitation Letter

Esteemed participants,

It is with great pleasure and honor that we are proud to invite you to the eleventh edition of UFRGS Model United Nations, which will take place in Porto Alegre from October 30th to November 3rd, 2013.

Since 2003, UFRGSMUN is highly committed with academic and administrative excellence, offering a unique MUN experience to students not only from Brazil, but from all over the world. UFRGS has one of the richest MUNing cultures of the country, and it is known to provide MUNers with one of the most memorable conferences on the circuit. In its eleventh edition, it shall not be different. With nearly 300 delegates expected, we are more confident of having five days of enriching debate and inspiring agendas.

UFRGSMUN 2013 seeks to present “new perspectives for a changing world”, and that means going beyond our 5-day simulation. With many parallel projects, UFRGSMUN has become an extension project which includes society as a whole. For instance, the “Back in School” project, launched in 2007, allows us to visit public schools and, through discussions and lectures, enables high school students to understand the role of the United Nations in the contemporary world. In addition, the preparation course “Simulations as a tool for teaching and learning in International Relations”, which reaches its sixth edition this year, aims at the grounding of future MUN delegates and staff by providing classes on a wide range of subjects necessary to make MUN the best learning experience possible, as we believe it should be. Furthermore, UFRGSMUN is engaged in several social activities, willing to help people in need through Easter, Winter and Food campaigns. Last but not least, UFRGSMUN continues to support UFRGS Mundi, one of the first high-school level MUNs in southern Brazil open to students from any such institution. Our goal, thus, is to integrate as many different people as possible into the debate of and on the UN and also about other international issues of paramount importance to the world as a whole.

As such, UFRGSMUN is utterly committed to an excellent five-day conference, with discussions about some of the most important topics in the international agenda. Considering the outstanding history and the promising future of UFRGSMUN, in this year’s edition we encourage the participants, both staff and delegates, to envision new perspectives to understand the changing world we live in. Delegates should get in contact with new perceptions and aspirations, different people, thoughts, ideas and backgrounds, since sometimes great differences actually hamper solutions. We ask delegates and staff to engage in a project that places them in the UN environment in order to make them conscious of how deep are the direct and indirect impacts of actions of the United Nations in our lives.

The administrative and academic staff is restlessly working to offer you an enriching MUN experience. All the information about UFRGSMUN can be found in this very website, but if you have any doubts, please contact us. It will be a great pleasure to help you!

We hope to see you all soon!