Edition’s Theme

In accordance with this year’s motto, “new perspectives for a changing world”, UFRGSMUN 2013 aims at shedding light over new subjects and at analyzing regions and processes that have long been neglected through renewed perspectives. Acknowledging that we live in a changing world, UFRGSMUN 2013 invites delegates to deal with contemporary political and socioeconomic crises, and human rights, environment and security-related international plights. In order to face those international challenges, the transformations that the international system is undergoing must be admitted so that new forms of understanding and cooperation can be fostered between states. The United Nations, as well as a number of regional organizations, play a growingly significant role in our transforming world.
In UFRGSMUN’s eleventh edition, delegates will be confronted with complex international issues and will be stimulated to seek new comprehensive and creative ways to deal with them.