Fees and Dates

Regular registration period goes from August 17th through September 18th 22nd.

Registration is split in two parts, the Form A and the Form B, which will be available on our website. Each of these forms will be open for a specific time period, so pay attention to the registration schedule.

After submitting each form, you will receive a confirmation email with some instructions concerning payment. If you pay on time, you will be charged the regular fee. Still, delegates may submit forms at a later date as well as the payments, but they will be charged slightly higher fees. You may also not get the country you want to represent, so try to register on time!

A fee per person of R$ 150.00 in full amount or R$ 160.00 divided in two installments applies in order to participate in the conference. Head delegates will have the chance to choose in the registration form whether their delegations will pay their corresponding delegate fees in two installments or in full amount. The payment method chosen necessarily applies to all members of your delegation.

Social Events Package

You may choose to acquire our Social Events Package  for R$ 70.00, which includes the Costume Party and Soccer Cup (barbecue) tickets, a T-shirt and a free exclusive button badge. If you choose not to, it is possible to buy the party tickets during the event. If you choose to pay your registration fee in two installments, the Social Events Package must be paid together with the first one.


Head delegates are responsible for gathering the money of their delegations and sending the payment to UFRGSMUN.



Dates to fill out the forms:

Form A: from August 17th through September 18th 22nd

Form B: from September 30th through October 14th


Total fees per delegate for regular registration:

Full amount: R$ 150.00

Payment deadline: September 23rd 24th

Two installments: R$ 160.00

First payment deadline: September 23rd 24th

Fee: R$ 80.00

Second payment deadline: October 4th

Fee: R$ 80.00


NOTE: Delegates who register on time, but do not succeed in making payments on time as well will be charged R$ 10.00 for each delayed payment. For example, if your delegation has decided to pay in two installments but fails to pay R$ 80.00 until September 23rd 24th you will have to pay R$ 90.00, but the second payment remains unaltered as long as it is paid on time. The same rule applies for payments made in full amount.



Late registration: from September 30th  through October 14th

Total fee per delegate for late registration:


Full amount: R$ 170.00

Payment deadline: 48 hours after enrollment

Two installments: R$ 170.00

First payment deadline: 48 hours after enrollment

Fee: R$ 85.00

Second payment deadline: October 14th

Fee: R$ 85.00


If you have any question or special needs, feel free to contact us at ufrgsmun@ufrgs.br.


NOTE: In this year’s edition, once more, there will not be a Delegation Fee!