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UFRGSMUN 2016? Then just continue scrolling.


UFRGSMUN is going to to take place once again at Plaza São Rafael Hotel. It is one of the most famous hotels of Porto Alegre, due to its high quality services and room diversity for events, such as expositions, conferences and weddings. Because of that it offers an appropriate environment to host UFRGSMUN.


We have planned a lot of activities, so you can enjoy every minute of UFRGSMUN 2016. Check out our tentative schedule!

General Policies

Every UFRGSMUN participant ought to read these policies in their entirety and abide to them during the conference. Delegates are also expected to abide by all local laws and venue-specific regulations while at UFRGSMUN 2016.


We bring something new to the simulation this year: the application of UN4MUN rules together with other models in Brazil. Do you know what is UN4MUN and what will change this year?


Do you have any question about UFRGSMUN? Check here all you need to know to participate in this year's edition!