remedioFounded on October 20th, 2014, with the support of many scientists and headed by the professor Dr. Solange Cristina Garcia, the association has as the main objective to assist in the defense, construction and implementation of a Latin American policy of antidotes, for clinical treatment and environmental remediation for accidental poisoning and / or environmental contamination by chemical agents. This desire arose due to the difficulty founded after the fire of the Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria / RS (Brazil), for the hydroxocobalamin 5g importation for the treatment of individuals poisoned by cyanide. In addition, it proposes a greater integration between the different sub-areas of toxicology, the integration of different research groups in toxicology, especially in Latin America, for scientific updating and contributing to the diffusion of toxicology and human health. Moreover, ASTOXILATIN aims to assist in solving environmental contamination problems, to disseminate knowledge through biannual organization of the Latin American Congress of Clinical-Laboratorial Toxicology. It is also intended to promote, alone or in partnership with other organizations, technical and scientific activities in the field of Clinical-Laboratorial, Environmental, Experimental, and Nanomaterials Toxicology. Furthermore, ASTOXILATIN promotes discussions on the field of nanotoxicology, regarding the concern on the use and safety of nanomaterials. These discussions aim on spreading knowledge and achieving advances in nanotecnology studies.
ASTOXILATIN believes that further advances in the sub-areas of toxicology may be achieved if this science is studied in a translational way, gathering scientists on basic toxicology and on clinical practice.