CINTED promotes and stimulates interdisciplinary research projects, in particular, focused on supporting activities for the implementation of alternative technologies in educative programs and projects, face-to-face or at distance, in the following topics:

  • Distance Learning;
  • Informatics/Computers in Education;
  • Information and Communication Technologies in Education;
  • Other relevant themes on the same areas.

In special, the following projects can be mentioned:

  • CESTA – Collection of Entities to Support the Use of Technologies in Learning
  • SACCA – Automatic Audiovisual Content Cataloging System
  • OBAA – Learning Objects Metadata

We also have the following Research Groups:

  • TRAPHU – Learning Trails in Ubiquitous Hiperdocuments
  • NUTED – Research Group on Technology Applied on Education
  • TEIAS – Research Group on Educational Technology for Inclusion and Learning in Society