MGB is a mathematical model that can be used to represent hydrological processes in large-scale watersheds.

On this page you will find all the necessary documentation to make applications of the MGB model, such as manuals, examples and links to pages where useful data can be obtained.

You can also download the MGB, which is available free of charge by the Hydraulic Research Institute of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, just by clicking on the “Download” item in the menu on the side.

Questions and experiences regarding the use of the model can be shared with the entire MGB user community in our forum, which is how the model development team supports users.

MGB is not a commercial product and we are not responsible for the results generated by the model. The user of the model must carefully check its results before any application. In the following image, we can see applications of MGB in the scientific literature:

MGB known applications from scientific literature up to 2020.

Below you can find manuals and support material to run MGB model. Although its first application were carried out in Brazil, so that most of manuals are written in Portuguese (click here to see MGB page in portuguse), IPH team has been working on writing and providing documents in English.

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