Hydrological Data Management and Visualization Software

Hydrological studies generally require data observed in-situ, such as river flow and level, precipitation and climate. In this context, hydrological data processing can be quite laborious, given the large number of data, different sources and different file formats.

Since 2010, the Research Group on Large-Scale Hydrology (HGE) of the Hydraulic Research Institute (IPH) of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) has been developing and making available online programs to facilitate the work with this data. These programs have proved useful for a variety of studies, and their use has been recorded in a large number of technical and scientific applications.

Here you can find to download both our most recently developed software (in portuguese)(Super Manejo de Dados) How much our older software  (Manejo de Dados Hidroweb e Comparador de Hidrogramas).

Exemplo de dados hidrológicos com e sem formatação. Os dados formatados são mais fáceis de serem manipulados e interpretados. Example of hydrological data with and without formatting. Formatted data is easier to manipulate and interpret.