This page presents a description of SIAQUA-IPH model and provides downloads of the program and application examples manuals.

The Analyticimagem1al Water Quality Model (SIAQUA-IPH, acronym in Portuguese) is a water quality model developed to simulate different effluent release scenarios in rivers with large basins (> 1000 km2) under situation of lack of data, although it is versatile and can be used in smaller basins. The model uses a simulation technique based on analytical solutions of the longitudinal solute dispersion equation applied to each river reach of a vectorial drainage network, and it is fully coupled to a free and open source GIS software, leading to an easy and interactive visualization of the simulation results. Today the program is available only in Portuguese, but an english version may be issued on demand.

SIAQUA-IPH description (Paper in Environmental & Modelling Software): “Large-scale analytical water quality model coupled with GIS for simulation of point sourced pollutant discharges“.





SIAQUA-IPH model allows the user to simulate four different effluent release types, depending on the duration of the release: (a) Instantaneous; (b) Intermittent; (c) Continuous; and (d) Permanent.


PrePro-SIAQUA-IPH and SIAQUA-IPH Plugins Installation

SIAQUA-IPH model is a plugin that is added to MapWindow GIS (versions 4.7 or 4.8). To install MapWindow, click here. Then, download PrePro-SIAQUA-IPH (a preprocessor program for SIAQUA-IPH) or SIAQUA-IPH plugins on the links below and unzip the content in the folder “C: Program FilesMapWindowPlugins”.


Necessary data for simulatinos are (1) basin geometry data (characteristics of each mini-basin that composes the watershed), (2) a drainage network shapefile (with the discretization of river reaches) that was processed with ArcHydro Toolset and (3) hydraulic data (reference flows  and  width of each river reach).

Available material for download:


1) Plugin SIAQUA-IPH

2) Prepro SIAQUA-IPH Plugin 

3) Input data example

Manuals: Application manuals are found only in Portuguese and can be accessed here.

Videos with SIAQUA-IPH examples:

– Simulation of a pollutant hypothetical release in River São Francisco watershed using SIAQUA-IPH. Available in:

– Simulation of a pollutant hypothetical release in River Ijuí watershed using SIAQUA-IPH. Available in:


Fernando Mainardi Fan

Ayan Santos Fleischmann

Walter Collischonn