Contemporary architecture in Rio Grande do Sul: collection of competitions architecture – 1950 – 2016

The Research Project “Competitions Architecture”, involves the investigation and documentation of public architectural competitions held in Rio Grande do Sul among 1950 and 2016. The focus is on competitions held by the IAB/RS, complementing with projects of competitions promoted by other municipalities or entities, or even the simple participation of Gaucha teams in relevant contests, outside the State.

The lack of registration of these contests, as regards their notices, regulations, jury minutes and disclosure of results, as well as the documentation of awarded or mentioned projects, led to the idea of systematizing this information.

The research method has been developed as follows:

Mapping of the researched object: identifying the name of the public architectural competition, place where it was held, organizing institution, promoter, judging committee, classified (awarded and mentioned) with their respective technical teams, from bibliographic research in the organizing institutions, or directly between the competitors and members of the judging committee;

Production of documentary cards: systematized by contest and by project team according to the criteria established by the research. From the assembly of the graphic documents was prepared the set of project files for the following products: constitution of the collection for digital consultation, partial exhibitions of the collection’s projects;

Organization of systematized material in a digital collection: made available on this Site, the collection should allow consultations by students, teachers, architects, researchers and the general public;

Dissemination and communication of the collection: through social networks (Facebook) and the graphic production of exhibitions and texts for publication, it is expected to disseminate the documentation compiled on public competitions for architecture and urbanism that represent a relevant part of the architectural culture of Rio Grande do Sul.