To see how the article should be prepared and submitted please look for instructions in the menu: Instructions for the preparation of papers.

All submitted articles will be reviewed by at least two independent reviewers. Each reviewer will download the submitted paper in PDF format, examine it and respond to an article quality form.
Among the questions is the identification that the theme of the article belongs to the themes of CBENS, its title is appropriate, its technical quality, whether it is in the format required in the template, etc.In addition to evaluating each item, the examiner also gives a general qualification grade and classifies the work as: ACCEPTABLE, ACCEPTABLE WITH MODIFICATIONS or NON ACCEPTABLE. It also indicates if the article should be sent to the Brazilian Solar Energy Magazine. Finally, the evaluator recommends HOLD or CHANGE the type of presentation chosen by the author (ORAL / POSTER).
Below the table of the Members of the Scientific Committee: 

Coordinator: Nelson Veissid (email: