The International Master in Applied Ecology (IMAE) program is a Master’s program organized jointly by six high-ranked universities around the world, one of them the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil. The objectives of the IMAE program are to foster interdisciplinary training within an extensively international context to form graduates capable of devising original and new solutions to meet the challenges of evolving problems in applied ecology. IMAE provides an exceptional network involving six partners with complementary disciplinary foci, highly qualified, and with leadership in applied ecology.

Students enrolled in IMAE will have the unique opportunity to study Applied Ecology within one specific program, but at least at four different institutions around the world: mobility is a central feature of the course, training students for pursuing an international career. The structure of the course is based on a two-year training. The first year involves extended scientific courses including field experiences and mobility in two institutions in Portugal and Germany. For the second year, the students choose a place of specialization in any of the partner universities, moving to either UK, Portugal, Germany, Canada, or Brazil for training in different applied domains.
The Second year corresponds to an in-depth scientific study program and professional/research experience. The students specialize in one of the elective streams and the Master’s Thesis can be carried out anywhere as long as the project is co-supervised by one of the partners. The specialization tracks are Ecosystems functional analysis; Environmental quality assessment; Biodiversity assessment, conservation and management; Ecosystems management; Evolutionary ecology; and Environmental sciences & Conservation.

More information can be found on the IMAE homepage: https://www.imae.online/welcome

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