Registration Type

TypeMember?Early Registration Fee*Late Registration Fee*
ProfessionalSBC, SBMICRO, IEEE, or ACMR$ 50,00R$ 75,00
Graduate studentSBC, SBMICRO, IEEE, or ACMR$ 20,00R$ 30,00
Undergraduate studentSBC, SBMICRO, IEEE, or ACM
ProfessionalNon-memberR$ 220,00R$ 250,00
Graduate studentNon-memberR$ 100,00R$ 120,00
Undergraduate studentNon-memberR$ 100,00R$ 120,00

* Early registration fee is valid until July 26, 2022
* Late registration fee from July 27 to August 26, 2022
* If paid by Paypal there will be a 6.40% additional charge
* No extra fee if paid by bank transfer or PIX

Publication / Presentation Fee (for Authors)

Publication / Presentation fee R$ 265,00 ($ 60.00)

Presentation/publication fee covers up to 3 papers of the same registered author (for SBMicro, SBCCI, or INSCIT). Authors of WCAS and SForum are exempt from this fee. All authors also need to proceed with one of the Registration Types in the Chip in the Minuano.