"How every organism may distinguish dangerous things from non-dangerous things ; all the rest is technical detail..."

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Because host defense is such a fundamental property of life, the genes that mediate defense against infection will make up a fair proportion of the human genome, somewhere between 1% and 10%. The analysis of whole genomes let us getting closer to understanding of immunogenetics, although we are a long way from complete understanding of immunobiology. One of the major obstacle to a real understanding of immunobiology is the fact that it would require the contemporaneous examination of many vital organs whose inspection is not so easy as it is for blood.
It has been the dream of many that the achievements in immunology will add years to the lives of many people. Such advances are, of course, a double-edged sword, since decreasing deaths from cancer and infectious disease may well lead to an increasing population that exceeds the capacity of the available natural and social resources. Anyway, as nowadays birth rates in developed countries are constantly lowering, vaccinating against fertility doesn't seem to be a real target ...

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Although some excellent web resources on structural immunogenetics already exist, I am not aware of any attempt to create websites devoted to human functional immunogenetics and immunobiology. Most labs, departments, divisions and education modules web pages consist of just research programmes and group photos ....
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