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novembro de 2017

Unravelling clues on the evolution of S0 galaxies through kinematics of discrete tracers – Emilio Zanatta (IF/UFRGS)

22 de novembro: 12:30 - 14:00
Anfiteatro Antonio Cabral,

Recovering the origins of lenticular galaxies can shed light on the understanding of galaxy evolution, since they present properties that can be found in both elliptical or spiral galaxies. In this presentation I will present our work on the kinematics of the globular cluster (GC) systems of three lenticular galaxies (NGC 2768, NGC 3115 and NGC 7457), and how we compare them with the kinematics of planetary nebulae (PNe). We performed the analysis using PNe and GC data from the…

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Observation of a Gravitational Wave Emitting Neutron Star Merger with the Dark Energy Camera – Marcelle Soares Santos (Brandeis University)

29 de novembro: 12:30 - 14:00
Anfiteatro Antonio Cabral,

Motivated by the exciting prospect of new wealth of information arising from the first observations of gravitational and electromagnetic radiation from the same astrophysical phenomena, the Dark Energy Survey (DES) has performed a broad range follow-up program for LIGO/Virgo events using the Dark Energy Camera (DECam). In this talk, I present the discovery of the optical transient associated with the neutron star merger GW170817 using DECam and discuss its implications for the emerging field: multi-messenger cosmology with gravitational waves and…

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