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maio de 2017

Searching for star-forming early-type galaxies: the role of the environment — Laurie Riguccini (OV/UFRJ)

31 de maio: 12:30 - 13:30
Anfiteatro Antonio Cabral,

ETGs were first believed to be read and dead but studies from the past decades have indicated that some ETGs show signs of star formation. Where does this star formation(SF) come from? Riguccini et al. (2015) unveiled a population of galaxies in transition: star-forming ETGs in the Coma cluster with a larger L24μm/LK ratio. They have shown that 70% of those star-forming ETGs are located in a the south-west part of the cluster, where a substructure is unfailing on the…

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junho de 2017

Hidden low-velocity radiative shocks — Stavros Akras (ON/MCTIC)

21 de junho: 12:30 - 17:00

Forbidden lines with a low ionization potential like λλ6716,6731, λλ6548,6584, λ3727, λλ6300,6363 and λ5200 are usually strong indicator of shock interactions in different ionized environments such as AGNs, SNRs, PNe, Harbig-Haro objects, jets, etc. The common characteristic in all these cases is the high velocity (>150-200 km/s) of shocks. Recent studies on planetary nebulae have revealed that low-velocity (

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