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agosto de 2018

The Solar System and the Exoplanet Zoo: Making Sense of Planet Formation – André Izidoro (UNESP)

22 de agosto: 12:30 - 13:30
Anfiteatro Antonio Cabral,

To date more than 3000 exoplanets have been confirmed but observations have found that most planetary systems have dynamical architectures strikingly different from our own. Gas giant exoplanets have been observed on orbits very different than those of Jupiter and Saturn, including very close-in hot Jupiters and on very eccentric orbits. Compact systems of hot super-Earths – planets with sizes between 1 and 4 Earth radii; or masses between 1 and 20 Earth mass – are systematically found orbiting their…

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setembro de 2018

Clustered star formation from redshift ~3 to 0; linking parsec to galactic scale physical processes – Angela Adamo (Stockholm, Sweden)

5 de setembro: 12:30 - 13:30
Anfiteatro Antonio Cabral,

Since their detection in local galaxies and their potential link to globular and open clusters in the Milky Way, star clusters have attracted huge interest. As gravitationally bound systems, formed out in the densest regions of a giant molecular cloud, and hosting a large fraction of massive stars (e.g. responsible for feedback), star clusters are considered to act as fundamental units of star formation and tracers of star formation history. I will present the results of the Legacy ExtraGalactic Uv Survey…

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21st Century Astrometry: from ESA/Gaia and beyond – Alberto Krone-Martins ()

12 de setembro: 12:30 - 13:30
Anfiteatro Antonio Cabral,

Astrometry stands among the most fundamental and transversal branches of Astronomy. It lays at the basis of most astronomical studies and provides anchors to many aspects of human life: from daily cycles to satellite and spacecraft navigation and attitude control. In this talk I will briefly comment on the past of optical Astrometry, and then concentrate in the exciting present of space-Astrometry, with the micro-arcsecond level ESA/Gaia space mission. I will also discuss some promising astrometric space mission proposals to…

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