At BiMa-Lab, Bird and Mammal Evolution, Systematics and Ecology Lab, we study several aspects of vertebrate evolution, systematics, ecology and conservation. Currently, our projects focus on factors affecting patterns of diversity in ecosystems, assemblages, populations and species traits, and the scales of approach go from local to global. Most of our work is applied to ecosystem and animal conservation and management, always keeping in mind the human dimensions of wildlife, under a logic of sustainable development.

We are based at the Department of Zoology of the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.


BiMa-Lab welcomes the new post-doc Flávia Tirelli, and the MSc students Fernanda Ribeiro and Paula Horn!

Flávia will coordinate the lab’s studies on carnivore ecology.

Fernanda aims to evaluate the management and destination of mammals in captivity and Paula will focus on the potential effects of human land-use on the population density and occupancy of margay (Leopardus wiedii), an arboreal wild cat, in the southernmost range of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest.

By focusing on applied aspects of ecology and conservation of Neotropical terrestrial mammals they will certainly help finding solutions for the severe management and conservation problems the populations of these animals face in southern Brazil.


MSc presentation: Amrita Menon – Are automated bioacoustics identification software reliable for bats surveys?

 5 September 2017, 12h30



Congratulations to Danielle, Lana, Adriana and Thais for the successful conclusion of their MSc studies!