Postdoc programme

The Astronomy Department welcomes applications of interested candidates. To apply to postdoctoral fellowships of the national funding agency, CNPq and the funding agency of the state or Rio Grande do Sul FAPERGS, the candidates should contact the researchers of the Department a priori. CNPq has a postdoctoral fellowship programme with deadlines three times per year.  The funding agency CAPES has a postdoc fellowship programme, PNPD via the postgraduate schools. When becoming available, at the Physics postgraduate programme, the fellowships are announced here. Other fellowship possibilities include international fellowships such as Marie Curie.

Current opportunities

Postdoc position at the Physics Institute of UFRGS (Porto Alegre, south Brazil), including Astronomy (check out the department’s webpage:

Monthly salary: BRL 4100,00 (tax free)

Deadline: application by November 1st (simple application including CV + project)

Field of research: any of the ones listed here:

Area: any of the ones listed here

In case of interest, please contact:

Ana Chies Santos: