Tutors programme

Coordinator: Professor Dr. Alan Alves Brito

General description: the program for Tutors of the Department of astronomy was commenced experimentally in April 25, 2014. This is a program of Academic Interaction involving tutors (teachers, post-docs, graduate students) and pupils (undergraduate and graduate students in Astrophysics) of the Department of Astronomy. It is worth noting that graduate students can act as tutors and pupils within the program.

Main objective: supporting the career development of graduate students and, especially, of the undergraduate students of the Bachelor course in Astrophysics, discussing the potential (values, skills, preferences) of students; the challenges of the professional world; the goals and aspirations for a career in Astrophysics, focusing primarily on the reality of student ingressante (fears, anxieties, difficulties of adjustment, discipline in the studies, guidance on courses and on the multitude of opportunities the UFRGS and general university life offers). With this initiative, the Department of Astronomy promotes an open and direct communication channel with its students.

Expected Results:

-Skills development (evaluation, communication) with/between tutors and pupils.

-Highlighting potential opportunities.

-Engaging in life and in the dynamics of all activities of the Department of astronomy.

-Contribution in shaping future leaders not just in UFRGS but also in the city, State, country and the world.

-Reduction in disinterest and avoidance.

-Personal and professional satisfaction of being involved.

-It is important that the undergraduates feel especially welcome and therefore it is critical in the early years of the course they are targeted.

How it works in practice: students must search the website of the Department of Astronomy for prospective tutors.  They must come into direct contact with the tutor, and a student is not limited to a single tutor.  In addition, they can also change a tutor throughout their university career.

Evaluation: at the conclusion of every academic semester, an academic activity will be held where tutors and pupils will be invited to participate and to share experiences.