The PPGCI was created from the dismemberment of two programs from the Postgraduate Program in Civil Engineering (PPGEC) of the UFRGS School of Engineering. The scope of the PPGCI is a set of themes related to the design, management, execution and operation of the built environment, both for Civil Construction and Infrastructure. In addition, traditional themes of civil engineering and emerging themes of great relevance to the country, with special emphasis on the environment.


The program has two main areas of concentration, construction and infrastructure, which are divided into different specialties. The first is divided into three specialties: (a) Materials Technology and Constructive Systems; (b) Construction Management and Economics; and (c) Performance of the Built Environment. The Infrastructure area is divided into: (a) Road and Hydraulic Works; and (b) Sustainability and Risk Management. Despite these subdivisions for organizational purposes and to ensure focus on specific themes, the philosophy of keeping strong interaction between areas and specialties is addopted in the new program, offering subject and multidisciplinary research.