The Doctorate course lasts for 4 years. It is required 36 credits in subjects, being able to be used up to 24 credits of the master’s degree. Credits must be completed before the qualification exam, and this examination must be completed no later than 24 months after entry. There is the possibility of carrying out a sandwich internship abroad, from 4 to 12 months, through the solicitation of scholarships to development agencies, including CAPES and CNPq.

To defend the doctoral thesis, students must be proficient in two foreign languages including English. If students are scholarship holders, they must complete two teaching internships. The doctoral thesis can be prepared in a conventional way or presented in the form of articles submitted to high impact international journals.


The academic master lasts 26 months. It is required 24 credits in subjects, which must be taken over 3 quarters, all in the first year of the course. The students should make a substantial portion of the credits in the first two quarters so that in the third quarter, the dissertation work can be started in parallel to the subjects of research methodology.

For each of the 5 specialties of the PPGCI, there are a set of compulsory subjects, complemented by electives. Students may take elective courses in any other specialty. Among the compulsory subjects, all the specialties will have a discipline of statistics and research methodologies. In the first quarter, to stimulate multidisciplinary work and obtain a systemic vision, all students must study two subjects of other specialties.

In order to defend the dissertation, students must take an English language proficiency test, held at UFRGS. If If students are scholarship holders, they must carry out a teaching internship.


A group of PPGCI  professors participated in Inter-institutional Masters Courses (MINTER) and DINTER Inter-institutional PhD), within the scope of the PPGEC, approved by CAPES, all with emphasis in the Construction area. They were:

  • MINTER at the State University of Feira de Santana (UEFS)
  • MINTER at the University of the Republic, Montevideo, Uruguay
  • DINTER at the Federal Institute of Paraíba (IFPB) and the Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Norte (IFRN)

In 2017, the PPGCI began a DINTER Course in partnership with the Meridional Faculty (IMED) of Passo Fundo – RS, for the training of 13 professors in Construction and Infrastructure. This course meets the same quality and deadline requirements of the regular Doctoral Course, but the subjects are taught outside of the main campus, in Passo Fundo.


The professors of the PPGCI are supporting the creation of Specialization Course and Professional Masters Course in Construction and Infrastructure, to be offered in the future by UFRGS. The beginning of these courses also depends on internal approval at UFRGS and, in the case of a Professional Master’s Degree, approval at CAPES.