StudentDateArea*AdvisorAdvisor or Co-Advisor Title
Cristiane Carine dos Santos2021MTCSDENISE CARPENA COITINHO DAL MOLINGERALDO CECHELLA ISAIAProposed Prediction Model for the Portland Cement Concrete Static Elasticity Module!
Ana Paula Maran2020MTCSDENISE CARPENA COITINHO DAL MOLINJOÃO RICARDO MASUEROGuideline proposal for the use of spacers in massive reinforced concrete slabs, aiming to obtain the design cover by the reinforcement plastic deformation limitation during execution.!
Juliana Parise Baldauf2020CMECARLOS TORRES FORMOSO Method for managing requirements in healthcare projects with support of BIM-based tools
Gracieli Bordin Colpo2019RHWJORGE AUGUSTO PEREIRA CERATTILÉLIO ANTÔNIO TEIXEIRA BRITOAsphalt mixtures fatigue behavior: laboratory tests and in situ instrumentation!
Michele Ferreira Dias Morales2019SRMANA CAROLINA BADALOTTI PASSUELLO ANA PAULA KIRCHHEIMUncertainties related to service life prediction modelling in buildings LCA.!
Silvia Trein Heimfarth Dapper2019MTCSANGELA BORGES MASUERO WILSON KINDLEIN JÚNIOR The influence of the formwork material on the phenomena related to the adhesion of mortars to the surface of the concrete
César Winter de Mello2018MTCSANGELA BORGES MASUERO Influence of the shape parameters of the aggregate in the formulation of sprayed mortars. !
Eduardo Polesello2018MTCSANGELA BORGES MASUERODENISE CARPENA COITINHO DAL MOLINEvaluation of concrete properties when used after the maximum mixing and transport time specified by the Brazilian standard!
Fernanda Lamego Guerra2018MTCSANGELA BORGES MASUERODENISE CARPENA COITINHO DAL MOLINTiO2 efficiency evaluation against filamentous fungi normally found in typical historic buildings mortar
Ricardo Girardi2018MTCSDENISE CARPENA COITINHO DAL MOLIN Evaluation of the Influence of Different Dosing Parameters on the Deformation Modulus of Concrete of cement Portland!

*Areas of concentration: Performance of the Built Environment (PBE); Construction Management and Economics (CME); Road and Hydraulic Works (RHW);  Sustainability and Risk Management (SRM); Materials Technology and Constructive Systems (MTCS).