StudentDateAreaAdvisorAdvisor or Co-advisorTitle
Bruno Loff Ferreira Leite2021SRMMIGUEL ALOYSIO SATTLERSolid Waste Management: composting to achieve greater sustainability in small municipalities
Ana Karina de Barros Christ2020SRMANA CAROLINA BADALOTTI PASSUELLOEnvironmental impacts of the life cycle of a commercial building considering different construction systems
Anna Paula Sandri Zappe2020RHWJORGE AUGUSTO PEREIRA CERATTILÉLIO ANTÔNIO TEIXEIRA BRITOEvaluation of different RAP sources with unconventional binders in hot mix recycling!
Bárbara Pedó2020CMECARLOS TORRES FORMOSODANIELA DIETZ VIANAVisual Management in design management within a digital environment
Camila Frank Hollmann2020MTCSDENISE CARPENA COITINHO DAL MOLINLAIS ZUCCHETTIEvaluation of crystalline admixtures influence to resist chloride ion penetration in cracked concretes!
Fabiana Ziegler2020MTCSANGELA BORGES MASUERODANIEL TREGNAGO PAGNUSSATSelh-healing evaluation of cracked concrete with different crystalline admixtures!
Gabriela Mann Bertoli2020SRMANA CAROLINA BADALOTTI PASSUELLO Integrated assessment of thermal and environmental performance requirements of opaque external vertical sealing systems
Gustavo Filipe dos Santos2020MTCSDENISE CARPENA COITINHO DAL MOLINDÓRIS ZECHMEISTERValidation of a mix desing for Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement Self-Compacting Composite, proposed by Zechmeister, using different types of Glass Fibers
Helena Lunkes Strieder2020RHWWASHINGTON PERES NUNEZANGELA GAIO GRAEFFStudy of use of recycled concrete aggregates in pervious concrete for pavements
Helena Pohren Laggazio2020SRMLUIZ ANTONIO BRESSANI Use o Geotechnical Letters of Aptitude of Urbanization: case study of municipality of Igrejinha/RS
Manoela Conte2020CMECARLOS TORRES FORMOSOMÁRCIA ELISA ECHEVESTECustomer integration in the customization of housing
Natacha Sauer2020CMECARLOS TORRES FORMOSO Integration of Cost Management and Location Based Production Planning and Control in Construction using BIM
Rafaela Schumacher de Campos Matos2020MTCSDENISE CARPENA COITINHO DAL MOLINREJANE MARIA CANDIOTA TUBINOEvaluation of the effect of jigging in different granulometric bands on the characteristics of the recycled coarse aggregate of RCD and the properties of concrete!
Rayara Pinto Costa2020MTCSANA PAULA KIRCHHEIMERICH D. RODRÍGUEZ MARTÍNEZHydration and rheology of Portland clinker with different Brazilian sources of calcium sulfate: gypsum and phosphogypsum!
Thiago Costa Cardoso2020PBEANA PAULA KIRCHHEIMOSWALDO CASCUDOPhysical-chemical properties, hydration and rheology in ternary cement blends with the addition of non-calcined clays and limestone
Bernardo Leonardi Teixeira2019MTCSANGELA BORGES MASUERO Development of a tool to check if a claim about a pathological manifestation in social housing is covered by the guarantee period
Débora Marx De Almeida2019PBELUIZ CARLOS PINTO DA SILVA FILHOANGELA GAIO GRAEFFAnalysis of the variables that influence the natural carbonation of laboratory specimens and concrete structures
Deise Elise Guerra Favero2019RMSLUIZ ANTONIO BRESSANI Numerical modeling of hydraulic flow at the Dona Francisca Hydroelectric Power Plant foundation
Douglas Comassetto Hamerski2019CMEEDUARDO LUIS ISATTOCARLOS TORRES FORMOSOPlanning and control of construction projects in a multi-project environment
Eduardo Simões Bonow2019RHWLUIZ ANTONIO BRESSANI Analysis of the foundation of a landfill in Capela de Santana/RS!
Gabriela Sartori2019SRMLUIZ CARLOS PINTO DA SILVA FILHOMAURÍCIO CARVALHO AYRES TORRESEvaluation of the impact of solar orientation in the thermal comfort and thermal performance in a Proinfância Program preschool standard project in Brazilian bioclimatic zones!
Gustavo Bridi Bellaver2019MTCSANGELA BORGES MASUERODENISE CARPENA COITINHO DAL MOLINInfluence of Oatshell Calcination Temperature for Use as Supplementary Cement Material
Isadora Corrêa Hackenhaar2019SRMANA CAROLINA BADALOTTI PASSUELLO Life Cycle Assessment to support public policies for the urban sustainable development: a case study of the public bus transport in Porto Alegre!
Janaine Fernanda Gaelzer Timm2019SRMANA CAROLINA BADALOTTI PASSUELLO Consideration of environmental performance in model for Green Public
Procurement in construction!
Joana Giugliani2019SRMANA CAROLINA BADALOTTI PASSUELLO Contribution to the assessment of environmental impacts in the life cycle of retail spaces in the context of the Circular Economy
Jordana Bazzan2019CMEMÁRCIA ELISA ECHEVESTECARLOS TORRES FORMOSOMethod for collecting and analyzing buildingmaintenance departmentsdata!
Josué Augusto Arndt2019MTCSANGELA BORGES MASUERODENISE CARPENA COITINHO DAL MOLINEvaluation of crystallizing additives in self-healing of Portland cement concretes
Kássio Joe Stein2019PBELUIZ CARLOS PINTO DA SILVA FILHOANGELA GAIO GRAEFFExperimental evaluation of loading cycles in corroded reinforced concrete beams!
Leonardo Pereira Endres2019RHWJORGE AUGUSTO PEREIRA CERATTILÉLIO ANTÔNIO TEIXEIRA BRITOOverweight Effects on Flexible Pavement Maintenance Using HDM-4
Lucas Fraporti Heller2019RHWWASHINGTON PERES NUNEZLÉLIO ANTÔNIO TEIXEIRA BRITOMicro Energy Harvesting from Pavements: Case Study of an In-service Piezoeletric Harvester Built in a road pavement.
Mauro Mario2019MTCSANGELA BORGES MASUERODANIEL TREGNAGO PAGNUSSATReady to use mortars produced in Porto Alegre / RS: evaluation of their properties over time
Mirela Schramm Tonetto2019CMETARCÍSIO ABREU SAURIN A method for choosing collective fall protectionsystems in construction sites: a complexity perspective!
Natália Ransolin2019CMETARCÍSIO ABREU SAURINCARLOS TORRES FORMOSOIntegrated Modeling of Functional and Structural Requirements in Complex Socio-Technical Systems: Study in an Intensive Care Unit.!
Raquel Silva Wetzel2019RHWLUIZ ANTONIO BRESSANI Evaluation of the jigging in different granulometric bands effect on the CDW recycled coarse aggregate characteristics and the concrete's properties!
Roberta Picanço Casarin2019MTCSANGELA BORGES MASUERODENISE CARPENA COITINHO DAL MOLINExamination of the self-cleaning efficiency of diverse mortar surface
finishes containing TiO2
Amanda Coffi Andrade2018SRMMIGUEL ALOYSIO SATTLER Sustainability and the City: The contribution of urban policy instruments to the sustainable development of a small Brazilian municipality: the case of Feliz / RS
Cristian Alfonso Cevallos Jaramillo2018CMECARLOS TORRES FORMOSOEDUARDO LUIS ISATTOGuidelines for Managing Complex Department Store Construction Projects Based on the Lean Production Philosophy and the Agile Project Management Approach!
Deividi Maurente Gomes da Silva2018MTCSANGELA BORGES MASUERODENISE CARPENA COITINHO DAL MOLINBehavior evaluation of superabsorbent polymers with different pre-saturation levels in cementitious matrices
Douglas Martins Mocelin2018RHWJORGE AUGUSTO PEREIRA CERATTILÉLIO ANTÔNIO TEIXEIRA BRITOFatigue Behavior of Hot and Warm Asphalt Mixtures Using Viscoelastic Continuum Damage Theory!
Fabricio Berger de Vargas2018CMECARLOS TORRES FORMOSO Method for location-based production planning and control supported by BIM!
Fernanda Marisa Pasinato Brandalise2018CMECARLOS TORRES FORMOSODANIELA DIETZ VIANAMethod of Evaluation of Visual Management Systems in the Production of Construction!
Gabriela Nunes Malysz2018MTCSANGELA BORGES MASUERODENISE CARPENA COITINHO DAL MOLINStudy of the jigging influence on the concrete with recycled coarse aggregate properties!
Iago Lopes dos Santos2018MTCSDENISE CARPENA COITINHO DAL MOLIN Use of fine recycled aggregate from Construction and demolition waste in self-compacting concrete!
João Soliman Junior2018CMECARLOS TORRES FORMOSO A Semantic-based Framework for Automated Rule Checking in Healthcare Construction Projects.!
Laura Silvestro2018MTCSDENISE CARPENA COITINHO DAL MOLIN Validation of a service life prediction model for reinforced concrete structures: corrosion initiation by chlorides!
Luciana Gheller Amorim2018CMECARLOS TORRES FORMOSO Analysis of practices related to production management to support mass customization in housing developments
Vanessa Giaretton Cappellesso2018MTCSDENISE CARPENA COITINHO DAL MOLINANGELA BORGES MASUERO Self-healing evaluation of cracked concrete with different cements!
Alessandra Bonotto Hoffmann Paim2017SRMMIGUEL ALOYSIO SATTLER Urban agriculture and its contributions to food security and the more sustainable development of small municipalities. Case study: home gardens in the city of Feliz / RS.!
Pablo Andrés Rangel Pacheco2017CMECARLOS TORRES FORMOSO Technical evaluation of the post-occupancy quality of communal áreas of social housing projects!
Tatiane Righi Scaramussa2017CMECARLOS TORRES FORMOSOEDUARDO LUIS ISATTOMapping of the cause-effect relationships among the wastes: rework, unfinished work, work in progress and making-do

*Areas of concentration: Performance of the Built Environment (PBE); Construction Management and Economics (CME); Road and Hydraulic Works (RHW);  Sustainability and Risk Management (SRM); Materials Technology and Constructive Systems (MTCS).