Associação Nacional de Escolas e Programas Terapêuticos
Associação de Defesa STARFISH
Offers education information, online classes, support, and resources for parents raising children with neurological disorders.

Fundação da Criança e do Adolescente Bipolar


Consulta de Interações Medicamentosas - Discovery Health
Interactions between drugs can be dangerous. Use the drug checker tool to see which combinations might be harmful.

Informação Bibliográfica Internacional em Suplementos Dietéticos (IBIDS)
A database of published, international, scientific literature on dietary supplements, including vitamins, minerals, and botanicals. IBIDS is produced by the Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) at the U.S. National Institutes of Health to assist the public, health care providers, educators, and researchers in locating credible, scientific information on dietary supplements.

A Biblioteca Nacional de Medicina
Offers free access to Medline, a searchable database of abstracts from over 4,000 biomedical journals, and many other resources for further reading.

Lista de Códigos Numéricos e Diagnósticos DSM-IV TR

Dicionário Médico

NARSAD (Aliança Nacional de Pesquisa sobre a Esquizofrenia e a Depressão)
The largest non-government, publicly funded organization that distributes funds for brain disorder research.

Aliança Nacional de Doenças Mentais (NAMI)

Relatório de Cirurgia Geral sobre a Saúde Mental

Progamas de Assistência Médica

Informação sobre Medicamentos Gratuitos para as Famílias de Baixa Renda
Needy Meds - Encontre ajuda com os custos da medicina.
O Programa de Medicina
Assegure as Crianças Agora
Programas Estaduais Medicaid

Saúde Mental - Crianças e Adolescentes

A Criança Bipolar
Web site of authors Demitri Papolos, M.D. and Janice Papolos, author of best-selling book, The Bipolar Child (Broadway Books, 1999). Offers excellent newsletter with archived articles of interest to families. 
Features information, publications, and resources for young people and adults to help them understand pediatric bipolar disorder. 

Conectar para Crianças
A program of the Benton Foundation. Searchable state-by-state listing of advocacy and other helpful programs for kids in your state.

Federação das Famílias para a Saúde Mental das Crianças

Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health is an advocacy organization for families of children and youth with mental health needs. The Federation provides an opportunity for family members to work with professionals and other interested citizens to improve services for their children with emotional, behavioral or mental disorders

Features customizable online survey and reporting tools designed to help track your child's behavior and assist in determining the effectiveness of his/her medications.

Programa TeenScreen - Universidade de Columbia
The Columbia University TeenScreen Program is an adolescent mental health and suicide-screening initiative active in 43 states.

Saúde Mental - Todas Idades

Centro de Informações para o Tratamento do Transtorno Bipolar
At the Madison Institute of Medicine in Madison, Wisconsin. With more than 10,000 references already on file, the center collects and disseminates information about medications and other forms of treatment for bipolar disorder.

Support and information for Significant Others of those who have Bipolar Disorder

Rede de Intercâmbio de Conhecimento do Centro de Serviços em Saúde Mental
A comprehensive mental health site from the U.S. government with a wealth of free publications and resources on bipolar disorder and related issues like stigma, depression, anxiety, and other childhood brain disorders.

Aliança de Apoio à Depressão e ao Transtorno Bipolar (DBSA)

Famílias para a Conscientização sobre a Depressão
A nonprofit organization providing educational information, community outreach training,and advocacy to help families and friends recognize and cope with bipolar and major depression.

Periódico Depressão e Transtorno Bipolar McMan
A free, informative, and lively digest of research, treatment, public policy, and the media, by John McManamy. Highly recommended.

Instituto Nacional de Saúde (NIH) Programa de Doenças não Diagnosticadas
Using a combination of scientific and medical expertise and resources at the NIH, this program works to provide answers to patients with mysterious conditions that have long eluded diagnosis, and to advance medical knowledge about rare and common disases.

Patty Duke Blog
Meant to help folks looking for information, support, and resources in the area of mental health and mental wellness. Patty Duke is currently working on several projects to continue to have her story of bipolar disorder help people in need, with this blog and her Website among those projects.

Patty Duke Website 

Fundação Stanley
The Stanley Foundation supports more than half of the research on bipolar disorder in the United States.