Bachelor of Social Sciences

The Social Sciences Course at UFRGS was officially created in 1959, obtaining recognition through Law No. 1254/50 and CFE Opinion No. 2085.

The course aims to prepare professionals capable of developing critical knowledge about social, political, economic and cultural reality.

The Social Sciences graduate acquires knowledge that enables him / her to develop research on social reality, which includes aspects of social structure, political institutions and culture from a scientific point of view, seeking a deeper understanding of the processes of constitution of this reality. The course also enables the graduate to act as a sociology teacher for high school. In this activity, the Social Scientist will transform scientific knowledge about social reality into fundamental knowledge for the broad education of high school students, contributing to their better understanding of the world and its transformations, as well as to the exercise of their citizenship. Upon entering the course, at the first enrollment, the student must choose a qualification: Bachelor, which enables him to teach in high school, or Bachelor, which privileges the student's preparation for research, postgraduate and teaching in teaching Higher. The option for a qualification allows the student, after graduation, to continue his studies in the other qualification and to graduate in this too.

The graduate can teach classes in various subjects, both in elementary and high school. In the case of research, the bachelor is qualified to work in the areas of Sociology, Anthropology and Political Science. This professional can also develop activities of coordination, planning, advising and performing tasks related to research activities in the social area, both in public and private institutions.

Tickets and Vacancies

Admission to the course is via the entrance exam. Each year, 65 places are offered for the day course and 100 places for the night course with admission in the first semester.