The Institute of Philosophy and Human Sciences (IFCH), name given to it in 1970, due to the decree of the civil-military dictatorship that fragmented the university into several units, is heir to the former Faculty. of UFRGS Philosophy, created in 1942-43, and its history is mixed with the political and cultural moments dating back to the last decades. It is an Institute with a history from which emerged not only well-known researchers in academia, but important intellectuals with outstanding social performance in our society.

Currently, the IFCH consists of four undergraduate courses, History, Philosophy, both created in 1943, Social Sciences, created in 1959, and the 2010 Bachelor of Public Policy, all in turn. day and night. We have six postgraduate programs in Anthropology, Sociology, Philosophy, Political Science, History and Public Policy. In the CAPES evaluation, the first three obtained the concept 6, while the others three achieved concept 5, all with academic excellence, and two postgraduate programs, Professional Master in History Teaching and Professional Master in Citizen Security. Strong graduate is also the effect of a mature graduate. In addition, over the past few years, through rigorous academic record keeping, we have seen a broadening of our involvement with society at large. These are extension projects in all areas, from archeology to anthropology, from political science and sociology to projects in history and philosophy.

This universe is composed of 118 permanent teachers and 14 invited and collaborators, mostly doctors, 46 administrative technicians and about 2,223 undergraduate and 600 postgraduate students.