Bachelor of Philosophy

The Philosophy course began in the 1940s. In 2006, the Philosophy discipline became compulsory in the Brazilian high school curriculum. Currently, the course offers two qualifications: Bachelor and Degree. Both provide an in-depth knowledge of the essentials of their subject matter, its own specificity and its interdisciplinary projection, by mastering the categories of philosophical thought and their critical role. In addition to working in the classroom, the philosopher can also perform title selection and quality control at publishers; advise on the dissemination of cultural events by providing data on style, philosophical movements, and historical data; to advise politicians in their ideological lines, to base speeches and publicity material; and working in companies in the area of ​​human resources, advising professionals in building the institution's image with employees, as well as defining its image.

Tickets and Vacancies
Admission to the course is via the entrance exam. Annually, there are 30 vacancies for the day course and 40 vacancies for the night course with admission in the 1st semester.